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Jul 14th, 2024
East Norwood Post

I happened to be near the train station when the circus cars arrived - it was the most exciting day in my life and the show did not disappoint! I still can't believe how many people got sawed in half! An amazing show from beginning to end.

Jul 12th, 2024
Circus Advisor

My sister in Lavender Hills got a surprise visit from me and my kids - don't tell her it was just an excuse to see the Great Boltavian (the circus doesn't stop in small towns). It was worth it. The children are still talking about Bongo the clown - so funny!

Jul 9th, 2024
The Lone Tree Times

Going to the fairground to see the traveling circus is such an experience. From the classic acts to some very unique ones that will have you believe in magic, the whole spectacle was enthralling. (And I swear the bottomless popcorn was actually bottomless - it fed the whole family and we couldn't finish it!)

Jul 8th, 2024
Finnian's Landing Observer

Solid circus show, great for kids.