Featured Performers

The Great Presto


World-renowned magician The Great Presto will saw more people in half that you thought was possible. This man has traveled the world and studied with mystics and masters - when you think his latest death-defying act has him cornered, he will pull a rabbit out of his hat!

You can also buy his tonics and potions after the show.

Ava The Flying Diva

Flying Trapeze

Deadly acts of flight leave our trapeze artist unfazed! She will risk her life and fly high above the crowd for your enjoyment!



>> Bongo didn't show up for work today. Sorry! <<

No pie will go unthrown! The clown arts hold no secret for our resident clown. Bongo was awarded the International Clown of Mischief award by the San Francisco Clown Conservatory, which means he will make you laugh like you've never laughed!

King Remi Of The Jungle

Animal Tamer

From deadly snakes to roaring lions, and tightrope-walking Maine coons, Remi will amaze, surprise, and delight the whole family.

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